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Responsibility in Product Communications in the Fashion Industry: The topic of the thesis is to dissect, and study companies’ responsibility claims with research methods available to the consumer. The purpose of the thesis is not to morally assess the companies, their methods, or their responsibility strategies.

The study was demonstrated with a sampling group that consisted of four clothing companies, all of which operate in the outdoor-clothing and leisurewear segment. A T-shirt was chosen as an example product from each company with the purpose of ascertaining a comprehensive amount of information from the company’s own sources. This information was compared to the company’s corporate responsibility policy. The veracity of the received information was also compared to the information the company provided of its product chain’s operators.

Information was acquired from written sources, non-governmental organizations, and standardization systems. The objectivity of the information provided by the companies was studied against information from multiple different sources. Observation (in store and by ordering the product home), questionnaires (by email), and interviewing were all used as methods of research.

The thesis resulted in the conclusion that it is difficult for the consumer to determine the veracity of the responsibility claims. Studying such claims requires an extensive knowledge on the clothing industries’ operating methods, production chain structures, understanding of the terminology, knowledge of the standard systems and control systems, and the understanding of their advantages and disadvantages. The studied company also must share information about themselves and their actions. A ten-point guide to determine the veracity of the responsibility of the responsibility claims is presented at the end of the thesis.

Finnish Design Academy chose my thesis, to be a part of their article series on accomplished theses. The series presented accomplished and deserved design theses from Finland in spring of 2020.

Bachelor of Culture & Arts | Fashion Design

Assessment: 5 (Excellent)
Assessment date: 20.05.2020


Conservation of cultural and historical objects made of organic materials, focus on textiles 2016-2018. Documentation of objects, material, and methodological analyzes. Analytical photography, damage mapping, and elucidation of cultural and art historical contexts. Preparation of conservation reports. Material analyzes based on chemistry and biology. In addition, deep understanding in art history and museology.

Bachelor of Culture & Arts | Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (88ECTS)

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