I am a creative mind and critical design thinker with a strong retail background. I excel in future thinking oriented smart and sustainable design, and I master commercial thinking and product development. I am a doer who moves instinctively between material and immaterial design.

I have the ability to create compelling concepts through conceptualization and service design. I am very reflective, and I seek to create meaning in the work I do – I value details and stories. I have a deep understanding in branding and target group thinking. My analytical nature and interdisciplinary background make me skilled in design research. For instance I teach future research in clothing industry specified area and my bachelors thesis was noted by Finnish Design Academy as a part of their article series on accomplished theses in spring of 2020.

I am outgoing, trustworthy and methodical with a high work morale. I truly enjoy working with people and a natural part of my character is my genuine cheerfulness which often influences my colleagues. I am experienced in project management and am often described as a vital member of the team. I have done collaborations with companies and institutions in Finland and internationally.

I am passionate about what I do and want my work to last the test of time.

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