AW-HOC 2020

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AW.HOC is a capsule collection of my design. The collection is an attempt to display the emotions of my childhood in the early nineties. The designs are highly influenced by 90’s pop culture, the culture of the urban youth and individualistic expression of one’s identity.

The focus of my work is in denim. I want to display the versatile nature of denim and create a visual presentation of the spectrum of modifications that completely change the face of the fabric. I designed three different versions of the collection, with one being the raw denim, by modifying the raw fabric with acid spray bleach and acid tie bleach. Sustainability also plays a important part in my collection – the denim fabric is GOTS accredited and Fair Trade.

The name AW.HOC is a play between my name and the word Ad hoc. The term ad hoc in this context mocks the narrow-minded concept of sustainability when used only as a marketing tool, and questions the temporary solutions to far- reaching problems. On the other hand it also mocks me, as a someone who designs a non-functional product . The collection’s name is also a reflection of my own identity as a designer in the ever-changing field of fashion, trying to connect the fluid and agile nature of creativity to the slow and deliberate frames of sustainability.


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The Clusius-project was an international project between Clusius College and HAMK (Häme University of Applied Sciences), originated from the Clusius College’s wish to cooperate. Clusius College is a florist school in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. The purpose of the project was to create a wedding dress collection, with fresh flowers and plants.

The project involved a total of 12 students, who were supervised by teachers. The project was implemented in small groups, with each group included two HAMK students and two Clusius College students. The wedding dress collectíon contained six wedding dresses. Each group designed and manufactured two wedding dresses. I oversaw the designing and manufacturing of one of these dresses. The collection was presented at the Clusius College’s fashion show, which took place in 26.11.2019 at Grote Kerk Schermerhorn.

My group worked with the theme “Institution of happiness.” The theme reflects the inner turmoil of a bride-to-be and expresses the juxtaposition of traditional and modern values. We wanted to emphasize that in a large part of the world marriage is still not based on free will, and that through the ages women have been seen as a commodity of culture. Our designs are a symbolic metaphor for the possible contradictions in marriage.

“New and old worlds collide, and even the toughest materials mold into something new in the crushing forces of change,” is an exposition to the dress that I made. The industrial-themed wedding dress bore the name “Sense of Doubt”. The dress was made with twill cotton fabric. The petticoat was layered using hard tulle on the bottom layer, and bridal tulle on the top layer. All of the tulle layers were cut asymmetrical. A key detail to the dress was the tearing technique used in the top layer. The tears were made by hand, using a special technique by removing warp yarns from the modified areas.


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PURA Finland is a business cooperation project between PURA Finland and HAMK. Students designed a commercial collection based on a brief given by the company. The customer chose stone washed linen as the material for the collection. The students designed the prototypes and saw over the product development. The cooperation deepened the students’ project running skills, as well as gave insight into working with the co-design method. The students made prototypes of the models, which were further developed according to the customer’s wishes. PURA Finland was responsible for the final manufacture of the products and monitors the progress of the project in their desired direction.

My group consisted of three students. Our design was selected to be showcased in PURA Finland’s retail fair stand in the 2019 CIFF-fair in Copenhagen

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