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A human-size zone where you can play with black carbon sources and create environmental consequences by interaction. The concept includes movable BC source items on the floor; factory , ship , car etc. and reactive screen walls react to the movements of the items. Screen demonstrate how the BC spreads around and what it causes.

The product was developed to a concept stage with a co-design method.


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The application promotes safety by making the users aware of the real dangers they might meet in the Rovaniemi area in local circumstances. The target group is influenced through dark humour with the help of visually striking images and factual information.

The product was developed to a concept stage with a co-design method.


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Sensic is an educational mixed reality music experience for children with deaf or hard hearing. It is a futuristic music box with a hologram and vibrating velcrobands. The hologram forms a colorful visualization of the pulse based on the resonance and cymatics of the music. The same pulse can be felt though the velcro-bands throughout the whole experience. The visualization is constantly in motion and its colors change according to the mood contained in the song.
The children can see immediately when “the key hits the note” and feel the tone, pitch, timbre, and volume. Children also see a visual representation of the story told by the song. The hologram also shows sign language, text and words.

The product was developed to a concept stage with a co-design method.


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A roadmap concept to digital sustainability. Awareness loop is a iterative ‘toolbox’ that consists of different tools with subgroups of guidelines, which are altered for the client’s needs. The purpose of use is the development and monitoring of operations.

The product was developed to a concept stage.


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A strategic service design project conducted by using co-design method. Metsähallitus’s (“the (Finnish) Forest Administration”) Ärjä 2024 development project aims to develop the Ärjänsaari -island into a significant and versatile nature tourism destination.

A camp house was built on the island in the 1950s, which is has been the basis of the development project. We set out to develop a plan for the future use of the property. The project complied with Metsähallitus’s operational framework, which defines the basis for preserving the natural values of the place, safeguarding the cultural value, improving accessibility, developing a profitable business, and developing the place into a high-quality nature destination. We set out to solve challenges that were aimed at the potential use and requirements of the Ärjä camp house. During the process, stakeholders were involved in the service design process.

Various scenarios were created for the customer about the potential future image of the camp house and related recommendations. Several different concepts were created based on the scenarios, one of which ended up being recommended to the customer.


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University of Lapland’s industrial design programme development project using service design methods and co-design. The goal was to clarify the content of the programme, improve the program’s visibility compared to similar programmes on offer and acquire new partners. The experiences of current students, partners and other stakeholders essentially related to the education programme were used as perspectives.

As a result, a proposal was made for the industrial design programme at the University of Lapland. Our proposal recommended the programme to create a new curriculum, offer identity workshops and more project-based learning, co operate with alumni and experts and take a new approach to internships.


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Haapala BnB Oy is a company located in Sotkamo, founded in 2016, whose business includes a small brewery, restaurant, and accommodation services. The company’s industry is farm tourism.

Co-design. Our task was to create an immersive dining experience around the company’s new service concept. The service path is built into a concept by using storytelling form which wraps service and product seamlessly together, by connecting the history of Haapala site and by involve customers and other stakeholders.


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Synesthesia is the running name of a Fashion show independently designed and implemented by HAMK students. The students present their ideas and views on the concept of lasting design. The event was scheduled to take place on May 19, 2020, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the event had to be relocated and redefined at the Showroom to be held during the fall. I was no longer involved in the later section as I graduated in June.

I was personally responsible for creating the concept of the event by creating a theme, name, and story for the event. The show description, as an example, is my production. I also held a big role in the sponsor team, acquiring sponsors, and cooperation partners. I also answered about budgeting with another student, acquiring the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s grant, which financed our whole budget. Besides these tasks, I had a role in marketing and event planning. I also was fully responsible for all public communication of the event.

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